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    P. R. of China
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URadio Systems was founded in 2008 by engineers from Lucent, Qualcomm, IBM in US. URadio is locatied in city Suzhou in China, called "Eastern Venice", which is 90Km away from Shangshai. URadio Systems is the leading company in Wi-Fi RTLS in China.  




Wi-Fi Tag: Transmit-only Wi-Fi tag can work with majority of Wi-Fi Access Points. Wi-Fi Tag has call button, Led and is rechargeable. Wi-Fi Tag uses 125KHz exiciter to get proximity location within 1 meter.

Wibeacon: Like Apple's BlueTooth iBeacon, Wibeacon transmits Wi-Fi signal and is powered by battery. Android Phone is capable of scanning Wibeacon ID (SSID or MAC adress) and signal strength through APP.

Wisensor: Transmit-only Wi-Fi module supports various sensors: motion, pressure, accelerometer etc. Unlike noraml Wi-Fi module, Wisensor is powered by battery.

AP Locator: Cost-effective Wi-Fi access point supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n and data rate up to 300Mbps. It also supports seamless roaming. The unique feature of this AP is to scan surrounding Wi-Fi signals to get MAC address and signal strength.

Locating Engine: Locating Engine supports various locating methods such as triangualr, fingerprintting, proximity, and locates various terminals such as Wi-Fi tags, smart phones, Pads, Laptops. Locating Engine can use either AP-scan mode or terminal-scan mode. In AP-scan mode, AP is required to scan Wi-Fi signal and send MAC and signal strength to the engine. Our Locating Engine works with most of APs in the world, e.g. Cisoc, Aruba, Ruckus, Meru, H3C, Huawei, ZTE etc. In Terminal-scan mode, Wi-Fi smart phone is requied to scan AP signal and send to the MAC and signal strength to the engine.




Automatic personnel exit-entry management: Visitors, vehicles, temporary workers in community, office building


Underground miner tracking and locating management:

Hospital patient, staff and equipment management

Senior care center: help elderly with wireless button call

Warehouse inventory tracking and monitoring: locate forklift, pallets, cases, containers

Manufacture work process control: tracking and locating parts, tools, check work in progress

Shopping mall & Supermarket: track smart phones moving trace, analysis custmoer moving behavior

Museum: Psh content to smart phone based on its location